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About us

Lydia Loukeli, the artist behind eλm ceramics was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. She is a self taught ceramics artist. She comes from a Civil Engineering background and for years she has been working full time in the corporate world.


During the pandemic she reflected on herself and what she wanted her life to be which led her to a very intense relationship with art and clay.​ She is really drawn to in the material itself and is trying to push the boundaries of its properties and those of unexpected high firing processes so she is making her own textured glazes.


Karen Helle, the maker behind Karen Helle Ceramics grew up on the west coast of Denmark but has lived in London, UK most of her adult life. She is often inspired by the rugged Danish costal landscape and weather and finds herself drawn to the colours of the seasons.


Our love for ceramics brought us together in many unexpected ways and led to this partnership. Each brings their own background, aesthetic and ways of working.


Commercially they have worked with UK and internationally-based clients ranging from high end restaurants, hotels to interior designers and art collectors directly. Their work for Hertog Jan at the Botanic Sanctuary in Antwerp was featured in the 'Worlds 50 Best Restaurants' .


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